Yann Risz discusses artificial intelligence in agriculture at Purdue University

December 13, 2023

Purdue University invited Yann Risz, Aligned Incentives Co-founder and CEO, to provide an industry perspective on the AI in Agriculture webinar on November 15, 2023. This webinar, led by Dr. Art Sedighi, Purdue Global Faculty in data science and programming, was part of Purdue’s AI curriculum that highlights the latest advancements and industry applications of AI.

Topics of Dr. Sedighi’s presentation included the importance of data and AI in agriculture, and various tech-based solutions such as precision agriculture. He discussed many applications of AI in agriculture such as more precise soil health management through data mining/data analytics, improved crop management using natural language processing, and better water management using sensors/streaming data.

When integrating AI in agriculture, Yann emphasized the importance of aligning commercial goals with societal objectives.

Precision in ag practices and outcome measurement

Yann discussed how we will need to understand the impacts of new agricultural practices on society and the environment as we develop and implement AI-based technology. We must match the same level of precision being applied to new ag-tech practices with systems that can measure and track progress of interventions at a very granular level.

Innovation, regulation, and regional differences

When asked about regional differences in sustainability and innovation, Yann pointed out that although the U.S. has a stronger ecosystem of innovation, Europe is better at understanding planetary boundaries and working these societal issues into regulations. The EU is leading this effort with regulatory frameworks such as the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS), but California is closely following with its recent passing of SB 253 and 261. As both regions continue to meet regulatory demands, public pressure, and corporate goals, they will need to learn from one another about innovating quickly and regulating climate-related corporate outcomes.

About Aligned Incentives

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Hannah Wear

Hannnah Wear is a Strategy Associate at Aligned Incentives with a background in climate consulting, policy research and analysis, and strategic funding and management in philanthropy. She is pursuing an MBA in Sustainable Solutions at Presidio Graduate School and previously studied international sustainable development in Thailand.