Why AITrack ?

AITrack is unique in the market in its ability to produce environmental footprints based on granular product level life cycle assessments and integrating financial data. The result is an enterprise platform that provides the world’s largest organizations with the insights to reach their societal targets. 



We build custom life cycle models for each one of your procurement line items and products. Powered by Generative AI, AITrack identifies and models problem spots across hundreds of thousands of products at scale quickly and effortlessly.

Why does specificity matter? Individual product or process level modeling is the only reliable method to identify true hotspots and the mitigation initiatives needed that move the needle.

Financially integrated

Using sophisticated frameworks, AITrack assesses current and future risks enabling the identification of the most cost-effective strategies.

This integration ensures that you can continuously optimize your allocation of resources to the most effective interventions for reaching your targets, choosing from hundreds of alternatives.


No more disjointed footprinting and initiative planning. AITrack’s mitigation planning seamlessly adjusts to your evolving context, new products, and ever-changing supply chain.

How will this benefit you and your organization? AITrack simplifies mitigation planning while making it much more robust. It dramatically improves your ability to take credit for your mitigation efforts in a verifiable manner.


Today — carbon, tomorrow — water and biodiversity. Our clients don’t suffer from single-issue myopia. They rely on AITrack to follow over 2,000 societal metrics.

Why do comprehensive analytics matter? AITrack’s future-proof analytics help create strategies that improve overall environmental impacts. This ensures that you can reduce risk while avoiding the optimization of one particular issue to the detriment of others.

science based

We benefit from collaborating with some of the world’s foremost academics in the industry. Using the best life cycle assessment data, AITrack is a direct result of their knowledge and guidance.

What does this mean for you? Developing models using actual data from suppliers and customers makes your footprints and initiatives easily auditable and greenwashing-proof.

audit proof

AITrack’s accounting structure is aligned with all prevalent reporting standards and built to withstand the most thorough audits. It provides full versioning of results and traceability of inputs and modeling calculations.

Why care? Disclosure requirements are becoming more demanding by the day; full traceability and transparent auditability ensures the ability to safely claim credit for improvements you have achieved through your efforts and investments.


Aligned Incentives is ISO 27001 certified. Our cloud hosted SaaS platform enables role-based access to information to facilitate internal and external collaboration, securely and at scale, where each stakeholder has access only to the information they need. AITrack also provides single-sign-on (SSO) integration to allow seamless and safe usage.

Why care? We provide the highest levels of information security for your peace of mind.