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AITrack: AI-powered enterprise sustainability planning trusted by the world’s largest organizations.
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Don’t just measure, pinpoint. AITrack fills the gap between product life cycle assessment (LCA) and corporate reporting. Hundreds of thousands of activities are monitored and identified, improving outcomes for specific industrial and agricultural processes. When it comes to supply chain assessments, our insight is unmatched in the industry.


Quickly identify the best strategies for reaching your targets. AITrack’s coverage of over 2,000 issues including climate, water, biodiversity and integration of financial analytics enables you to answer a simple but vital question: where should I put my money to work? AITrack answers this and many other questions using sophisticated frameworks like dynamic marginal abatement cost curves. The result? You have the data needed to invest in initiatives that truly move the needle.


Involve stakeholders securely and at scale. Our platform and in-depth analytics enable the collaboration with thousands of stakeholders – inside and outside your organization. With its access to data-driven, science-based insights, AITrack enables suppliers, customers, product developers, investors, and other stakeholders to work as a team across the entire value chain. Reach targets like Net Zero faster and more reliably with AITrack.
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Serving global leaders across industries

Our clients are some of the world’s largest and most complex organizations in the world. With emissions of over 1 trillion tons of CO2e, mostly in their supply chains, they require highly sophisticated analytics to achieve their sustainability goals.
Food and Beverage
The client: Leading global food and beverage company with an agricultural supply chain and tens of thousands of facilities (Fortune 500).
The problem: Footprint too high level to determine path to science-based targets, particularly in supply chain; financials not integrated into footprint analysis to properly report financial risks to investors; new Forest Land Agriculture (FLAG) framework requires remodeling of footprint; need to streamline reporting.
Our solution: Global usage of AITrack in over 140 countries, including modules for footprint, TCFD assessment for both physical and financial risks, target setting, and Forest Land Agriculture (FLAG) framework assessment and reporting. AITrack now provides our client 360 views, from a birds-eye investor view all the way down to bottom-up analytics for tens of thousands of facilities, identifying low performers, and highlighting meaningful mitigation opportunities. AITrack measures carbon and water impact at the facility level to identify the best locally relevant initiatives to meet the corporate targets. Meeting their most complex needs for 7+ years and counting.
Highlights: Hundreds of users with very different profiles and needs, all using AITrack as one integrated and streamlined source, for multiple purposes: including investor reporting, identifying best mitigation initiatives to reach targets, FLAG modeling, facility management.
Retail and Technology
The client: Leading global technology company with one of the word’s largest datacenter infrastructure (Fortune 500).
The problem: Not enough supply chain data and transparency to identify hotspots and collaboration opportunities in data center supply chain.
Our solution: AITrack modules for product life cycle assessment and footprint assessments, including drill downs at the detailed server component levels, as well as for construction and other data center equipment product categories. Meeting their most complex needs for 2+ years and counting.
Highlights: AITrack enabled the company to identify opportunities and take action for dramatically reducing its scope 3 footprint — a challenging task in the sector due to the complexity of the supply chain and unwillingness of suppliers to share information. This was accomplished at scale across hundreds of technology configurations using AITrack’s unique scaling ability.


The client: A leading global apparel company (Fortune 500).
The problem: Footprint too high level to determine path to science-based targets, particularly in supply chain; no clear way to identify strategies that would help company achieve its science based targets in a cost effective manner; Forest Land Agriculture (FLAG) framework requires remodeling of footprint; need to streamline reporting.
Our solution: Global analysis in over 70 countries worldwide, including modules for footprint, target setting, FLAG assessment, glide path, and marginal abatement cost curves for hundreds of projects. Meeting their most complex needs for 3+ years and counting.
Highlights: Developed full life cycle assessment models at the line-item level for over 3,000 unique products. Despite being in an industry that almost entirely changes its inventory yearly, AITrack helps our client pinpoint which processes at which manufacturers and mills are the most efficient. Integrated supplier data into product manufacturing models enabling seamless integration of footprinting, impact forecasting, and dynamic marginal abatement cost curves to reach aggressive science-based target.

Diversified Goods

The client: Global manufacturer of diversified goods (Fortune 500).
The problem: How to avoid single issue myopia and focus efforts on what matters.
Our solution: AITrack footprint module, environmental and financial materiality module, strategy module. Meeting their most complex needs for 6 years and counting.
Highlights: Identified issues that were the most material, quantifying environmental impacts and financial risks, country-by-country, business-by-business and product-by- product. Further identified initiatives that maximized multiple environmental targets and financial benefits, not just one metric such as carbon emissions. Eliminated initiatives that caused more harm than good: e.g. issues that reduced carbon emissions but led to other larger negative impacts for toxic materials and water.

IT and Hardware

The client: Leading global hardware and software products company (Fortune 500).
The problem: No easy and reliable ability to share product footprint information with customers. Increasingly negative impact on sales as footprint data becomes mandatory part of sales process.
Our solution: Leveraged AITrack’s granular product data and back-end capabilities to develop a product impact portal for customer reporting. Meeting their most complex needs for 5 years and counting.
Highlights: Front-end module enabled sales teams to generate footprints
for products being purchased. Led to direct improvement of sales as climate data has become an integral part of purchasing decisions.


The client: Leading global provider of agricultural products (Fortune 500).
The problem: Footprinting and reporting headache with all calculations done using spreadsheets; difficulty passing yearly audits.
Our solution: AITrack integrated footprinting and reporting modules to streamline data collection, footprint calculations and auditing process. Meeting their most complex needs for 5 years and counting.
Highlights: AITrack reduced time to complete CDP and other reporting schemes by two thirds, and eliminated human error by directly integrating footprint data into correct CDP format. Provided two rounds of ratings to ensure client could fully understand impact of various reporting choices on rating and achieve the highest score possible.
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