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California SB 253 and SB 261: Understanding and preparing for the Climate Accountability Package

California SB 253 & SB 261 Climate Accountability Package guide
California SB 253 and SB 261 were signed into law on October 7th, 2023, in response to growing concerns about corporate accountability and the impact of climate change on businesses. More than 10,000 companies are expected to begin their first... Read More

FLAG and Land Use: The Next Big Carbon Accounting Opportunity

Land use is one of the least understood, yet largest opportunities for mitigating climate change. For many of our clients it is emerging to be the key lever for achieving their climate targets. The first step is to understand the... Read More

Assessing the Costs and Benefits of a Carbon Tax

While carbon taxes are often discussed at a macro-economic level, its direct impact on individual businesses remains unclear. Aligned Incentives was selected to answer that question for four leading IT companies. The results will surprise you: insignificant to low costs,... Read More

5 Steps for Boosting the Business Relevance of Sustainability

Lockheed Martin and Aligned Incentives present the 5 steps that enabled Lockheed Martin to better support sales, quantify risks in financial terms, reduce operational costs, and boost ratings. Fill out the form to download a summary of our presentation.