Setting Science-Based Targets: You’ve Committed. What’s Next?

March 18, 2024

Companies committed to science-based targets must develop and submit their targets to SBTi for validation within 24 months. Inadequate preparation for target submission often results in excessive costs, validation delays, and, most critically, unrealistic targets. Avoiding these issues requires a systematic and robust approach upfront.

This guide outlines the essential steps companies must take to set realistic targets, streamline validation, and build a solid foundation for achieving the targets. It answers these questions with a comprehensive summary of SBTi requirements and resources:

  • What is the submission deadline and SBTi validation timeframe?
  • Which SBTi criteria and guidance are you subject to based on your GHG inventory?
  • Should you use a spend-based or a process-based LCA for target-setting?
  • What are the criteria for general science-based targets and FLAG targets?
  • What are the common pitfalls of flawed target-setting?

Download Setting Science-Based Targets Guide

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