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Corporate biodiversity: What companies need to know and how to get started

Corporate biodiversity: What companies need to know and how to get started
Biodiversity—the variability among living organisms in land, freshwater, and ocean ecosystems—is crucial for human survival, well-being, and the economy. Over half of the world’s GDP, amounting to $44 trillion, is moderately or highly dependent on nature and its services. Currently,... Read More

SEC Climate-Related Disclosure Rules: Essential requirements and preparation guide

SEC climate-related disclosure rules
On March 6, 2024, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) released its final rules to enhance and standardize climate-related disclosures by public companies. Despite challenges in implementing SEC rules, investors and other stakeholders still expect such disclosures. It is... Read More

Setting Science-Based Targets: You’ve Committed. What’s Next?

Setting science based targets guide
Companies committed to science-based targets must develop and submit their targets to SBTi for validation within 24 months. Inadequate preparation for target submission often results in excessive costs, validation delays, and, most critically, unrealistic targets. Avoiding these issues requires a... Read More

Scope 3 Carbon Accounting Software Cheatsheet

Scope 3 carbon accounting software cheatsheet
The options for Scope 3 carbon accounting software are growing, but knowing which one to choose can be a challenge. We’ve compiled 10 critical questions to help you evaluate different solutions based on their capabilities in data integration, data granularity,... Read More