Corporate biodiversity: What companies need to know and how to get started

April 11, 2024

Biodiversity—the variability among living organisms in land, freshwater, and ocean ecosystems—is crucial for human survival, well-being, and the economy. Over half of the world’s GDP, amounting to $44 trillion, is moderately or highly dependent on nature and its services. Currently, humanity exceeds the safe operational limits for six of nine planetary boundaries, jeopardizing Earth’s stability and leading to a significant decline in biodiversity.

This whitepaper explores the concept of biodiversity, its interconnections with businesses, global frameworks, and concrete steps to help companies start their biodiversity journey and develop a competitive advantage. It answers the following questions:

  • What is biodiversity?
  • What are the interconnections between business and biodiversity?
  • What are the foundational biodiversity frameworks and disclosure standards?
  • What are TNFD and SBTN, and how do they compare?
  • How to start assessing corporate biodiversity following TNFD and SBTN guidance?

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