LCA expert Ben Putman to speak at the Chicken Marketing Summit on tackling the net zero challenge

June 13, 2024

Aligned Incentives’ analytics manager, Ben Putman, will speak at the 2024 Chicken Marketing Summit, which will take place from July 29-31 in Birmingham, Alabama. Ben will present at the “Chicken Production, Processing, and ‘Net Zero’” session, discussing how the industry will address the net zero challenge, current efforts, and the progress anticipated by 2035.

LCA expert Ben Putman to speak at the Chicken Marketing Summit on tackling the net zero challenge

The Chicken Marketing Summit is a premier event for poultry industry stakeholders. This year’s theme, “Chicken 2035: Anticipating Trends, Adapting Strategies,” covers consumer trends of Gen Z and Gen Alpha, and how the industry will use technology to raise and process broilers with fewer resources, better welfare, enhanced food safety, and easier preparation.

Many publicly traded companies in agriculture are setting ambitious net zero targets, primarily driven by stakeholder pressure. These commitments also push their suppliers to make sustainability pledges.

However, these ambitious goals present substantial challenges. The strategies that have brought the industry this far are insufficient for the future. For instance, feed is a major contributor to the global warming potential in poultry production. Although there have been significant improvements in crop yield, the gains are plateauing, particularly as climate change impacts become more pronounced. Future efforts must shift focus from merely improving yields to carbon removal techniques, such as sequestration and regenerative agriculture.

With comprehensive LCA expertise and experience working with global agriculture and food companies, Ben will share insights on industry challenges, current progress, and the need for new, creative solutions to meet these commitments. Aligned Incentives looks forward to the conversation with practitioners on shaping the future of chicken production.

About Ben Putman

Ben Putman is an analytics manager at Aligned Incentives. He primarily leads the engagement with food and agriculture companies that have extensive operations and supply chains across the globe. Ben and the team develop annual corporate greenhouse gas inventories, assist in target setting, create strategies for emission reduction and target achievement, and support various other reporting requirements. Prior to joining Aligned Incentives, Putman worked as a researcher and instructor at the University of Arkansas where his research focused on livestock sustainability and life cycle assessment methods.

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